Monday, August 13, 2007

Radcliffe Olympic 6 Nettleham FC 3

Leeds United have lost their appeal, justice has been done. I despise this team; they cheated their way to success in the 60s and 70s. Gary Sprake, their goalkeeper at the time, alleged in 1977 that manager Don Revie and captain, Billy Bremner, tried to bribe opposing players.

The Daily Mirror ran Don Revie out of the country. They have always courted controversy and attracted lemon-sucking bitter individuals such as Lee Bowyer, Vinnie Jones and Allan Clarke. I look forward to them gracing the hallowed turf of Sincil Bank next season. Ken Bates, Dennis Wise and Leeds United deserve one another.

Two cds have arrived by post this morning: Now 67 for the kids and Lord of the Pies singer Paul Potts’ latest offering. That’s £56 this household has spent in the last month on this salad dodging individual.

Radcliffe-on-Trent Parish Council held a Zoo Day last Thursday where for a quid you could see rare attractions such as Meerkats, Iguanas, Tarantulas, Bearded Dragons, Scorpions and Ferrets. If they’d asked Dennis Wise they could have got a Weasel to come along too.

Radcliffe-on-Trent is in the East of the county and has a population of around 8000. Famous ex-residents include: Fat Larry Lloyd, (once the proprietor of The Trent Hotel) Ian Woan and Stanley Victor Collymore (very handy for “walking the dog” down Holme Pierpoint). President of Radcliffe Olympic FC is ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer the Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke MP.

It’s a quaint ground, close to the church in the centre of the village. The ground lies below a skate park and adventure playground and is on a slope. Admission is £3 including a programme.

There’s no licensed bar, the council won’t let them have one; it’s a shame because clubhouses provide a good social gathering and raise important funds for clubs like this.

The guy on the gate is an affable chap named John Watts, he is Radcliffe Olympic through and through and also the treasurer. He gives me a bit of background on the club.

Poor old Brendan, the programme editor and webmaster, is seriously ill but somehow manages to climb off his sickbed to produce one of the best programmes I’ve seen on my travels. It would put many a Nationwide North club to shame. Guys like John and Brendan are priceless to a club like this. John wonders whether Olympic have enough goals in them (no worries on that score John)

Radcliffe manager, Jamie Brodie, once of Clifton All-Whites, has been active in the transfer market, bringing in eleven new faces; many are from The Nottinghamshire Senior League.

I’ve seen a player at All-Whites who has always impressed me and I’ve never understood why he’s not played at a higher level, maybe he enjoys playing with his mates but Karl Mitchell would cut the mustard comfortably at this level.

Nettleham are today’s visitors and are from Lincoln. Last season they were fortunate to stay up. Wharf Lane is right on the Nottingham to Lincoln railway line and there are a procession of Central Trains throughout the match.

I get my first touch of the match ball on two minutes. Radcliffe take the lead on six minutes through Hawkes their central defender. Nettleham equalise shortly after with a stunning free-kick from their best player, Daniel Maddison, a recent signing from Grantham Town.

The goals come thick and fast and are mostly down to poor defending. Spencer puts Radcliffe 2-1 up only for Maddison to reply from a corner with a smart header.

Nettleham go ahead following fine work by Maddison again down left, Steve Mason coolly finishing on the far post. Aaron Korol wraps up a cracking first half with a cross from the left which Richardson nods in. Flipping heck six goals, and its 0-0 at Forest.

The referee, Mr M Senior, is allowing the game to flow but he never shuts up, he looks like one of The Chuckle Brothers.

A guy who used to work with me at Notts County joins me for the second half. He’s desperate to get a coaching role in the non-league but has been unsuccessful so far. He is a brilliant coach and it’s a waste of talent to see him kicking his heels on the sideline, he has so much to offer. He’s played at a high level and recognises quite a few of the Radcliffe lads.

Nettleham capitulate in the second period, Radcliffe have superior fitness levels and keep the ball moving. Nettleham are chasing shadows. Bull, Richardson and Hawkes add further goals.

Aaron Korol is terrific, his tricks and speed are too much for the Nettleham full back. Radcliffe sub, Dave Taylor hits a couple of sizzlers, boy he can strike a ball, I’d love to have seen him in his hey-day.

Radcliffe is a friendly and progressive club and I’m sure they’ll be looking for a top six finish. I’m driving home and there are some glum faces coming away from The City Ground, I’ve seen nine goals for £3. Bad news is always on the horizon, Lincoln have lost 4-0 but worse than that Leeds have won 2-1. Doh!!

Radcliffe Olympic 6 Nettleham FC 3

Man of the Match: Aaron Korol

Attendance: Unknown


Anonymous said...

Great little report. Hope to see you down the rec again soon. Only 4 new recruits in the starting line up Saturday.

Anonymous said...

hi nick.another quality report mate.i wonder if the "daniel maddison"is the son of dad"kris"?i tryed to get him at notts some time ago.hope to read from you again soon.
your friend
reg breirly

Mike Smith said...
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