Monday, July 5, 2010

Return of The Groundhopper

We'll be kicking off at the home of the world's best Cottage Pie - Kidderminster Harriers - who entertain the Tricky Trees, on July 24th. Roll on the season.

New list of grounds to visit this season is in the left hand column.

Characters returning to this adventure include:

Mrs P
Sticky junior (aka Angry Kid)
The Skipper
Finley Palmer (Rabbit)
Murphy Palmer (Imaginary Budgie)
The Angler
Big D
Mad Dog
The Taxman
Nuclear Scientist
The Architect
Trumpy Bolton
Screats' Dad
White Van Man (Now Warehouse Man)
The Guvnor
The Reaper
The Bearded Wonder
Daft Lad Kev


Anonymous said...

You have missed 1 off mate 18th sept hull away over nite stop

Sticky said...

Not 100% for that one son, Mrs P's birthday the day before.

Miss Daisy said...

Yay Sticky's back :) x

Mike Smith said...

Will have to look out for you @ Ashton, Hyde or Stalybridge - roll on the real football !!!

Sticky said...

Aye up Smiffy,

Are Mossley back playing at home coz I know they had trouble with their lights last season?

Pariuri Sportive said...

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