Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Carlton Town v Mickleover Sports. Waterlogged Pitch

I phone The Bill Stokefeld Stadium at 6.30pm, the game is definitely on. On my trip down Gamston Lings Bar there is a deluge of rain which lasts the entire half an hour of the journey.

Radio Nottingham are saying The City Ground surface for tonight's game against Blackpool is heavy: what chance is there for Carlton? When I arrive the players are already heading home.

On my return journey the crowds are beginning to swell on Lady Bay Bridge. I am not tempted one iota!

Two televisions are on when I return home, the wretched Holby City on one, and another tiresome soap opera, the Champions League, on the other. I decide to swot up on Gainsborough Trinity and Droyslden, who I intend to watch at the weekend.

People are asking for an MFI bed update, so here it goes. The whole operation was put on hold a few weeks back due to the said company being out of stock of a headboard. The wife had phoned the distribution centre in West Bromwich and told them not to deliver until all the parts were ready.

So imagine my surprise when white van man turns up the other Sunday: I was particularly cheesed off as I was writing the Radford match report up at the time.

There was no headboard, but we took delivery anyway. Mrs P, in her wisdom, said we may as well swap the mattress, so I tossed the old one out into the pouring rain, onto the back garden.

An hour later I unwrap the new mattress only to find it's soaking wet, the van it had been stood in must have had more holes in it than Boston United's back four.

A very embarrassed and crestfallen Sticky had to trudge down the garden to retrieve the old, and by now, wet mattress. It seems West Bromwich's poor choice in management (who can forget Robson and Megson) has spread to the bedroom department of MFI. To be continued


Anonymous said...

you are getting very witty mr p.
we had a kitchen from mfi and got no worktop,needless to say themeal we prepared that night was served on the box the units came in!!!
as for the distribution centre in bromich imagine his suprise when mr taxi man arrived after dropping off at brum airport,to ask for discount on the tops!
got me 150 quid back
morale of the story..........
bryan robson was a better player than manager(too glum)
and west brom are premiership bound,(kev phillips is quality)
and i payed me phone bill for scouting with the 150 quid!
keep em coming mr p
love reading them
taxi man

Anonymous said...

Our waterbed from MFI had to be returned because one side kept freezing !