Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Break

The Groundhopper is back on Saturday July 18th for North Ferriby Utd v Hull City and Monday July 20th for Lincoln City v Arsenal Youth. Here comes the summer!


Cold Tuesday Evenings said...

First time on the blog, good stuff. Will have to check it out for the rest of the season.

A fellow non-league blogger

the goalhunter said...

hey check put mine

is a ground tour round england !!! may even see you at a game round your way !!

the goalhunter said...

Why dont u come to Grimsby v Leeds on the 21st july ... im off there too :P

the goalhunter said...

Why dont u come to grimsby v leeds ?? on the 21st july ... be a good game and all that and its goalhunters home team :P

the goalhunter said...

come to grimsby on 21st july :P