Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Word From The Warren

Name: Finley (named after the Irish wrestler)

Age: Nearly One.

Born: Arnold, Nottingham.

Lives In: Sticky's Yard, in my crib.

Dislikes: Leicester (The Foxes) Brentford (The Bees) Rain and Veterinary Surgeons.

Likes: Sticky P, Mrs P but not Jack and Joe coz they boot the ball at my cage

Fave Food: Carrots, Hay, Yoghurt Drops and Dandelions.

Fave Actors: Bob Hoskins and Warren Beattie.

Fave Films: Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Watership Down.

Fave Singer: Art Garfunkel and Chas and Dave.

Fave Group: Jive Bunny and Echo and the Bunnymen.

Fave Footballer: David Burrows.

Disliked Footballer: Ruel Fox

Fave Comedian: Jasper Carrott

Nickname: Houdini (more failed escape attempts than Steve McQueen)

Fave Holiday Spot: you takin the p**s


Elmer Fudd said...

Bright Eyes the film? surely Finley, you mean Watership Down based on the novel of the same title by the author Richard Adams. Although the 1934 film Bright Eyes is about a ginger haired orphan who when her mother is run over by a car is forced to live with a snooty couple. So you may well mean Bright Eyes anyway!

Finley said...

fair play elmer, got a bit carried away with my literary debut, anyway it's amended. Mrs P dances most Thursday nights so will publish my thoughts on the week's events on said night. Cheers fp.

ps Mrs P is a snob, she refuses to have the samsung 26" lcd tv we recently won in a competition, (currently for sale at £450 rrp £550) in our lounge coz it's not big enough.

glenn close said...

what happened to the other bunny you had MR P? was he ravaged by the local fox or was he fatal attractioned? the poor little bugger i bet he was never allowed in the warmth of your bossom!

piz buin said...

Mr and Mrs P on holiday